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How to Score Higher on the Secondary School Admission Test (“SSAT”) with ePrep’s “Learning Cycle”?

  •  Practice Offline 450 Questions 3 Full TestsePrep-SSAT-Practice-Test-Courses
  •  Grade Online with Scoring Software
  •  Video Tutor Answers with Test Taking Tips
  •  Repeat Process for Higher Test Score

“My opinion of ePrep is that it is very user friendly and carefully thought through with the student taking a physical test and then following-up with learning through the online site.”- Marcia, California

“Practice by Doing” with Seeing and Hearing Increases Retention

“I hear – I forget, I see – I learn, I do- I understand” – Gennady V. Oster

SSAT Practice Test Math Upper Level Sample PDFSimulate Test Day Conditions Downloadable PDF

  • Download Printable PDF Practice Test Questions | Answer Key
  • SSAT Upper Level Math 2 Question Sample Left Click Red to See.
  • Answer Each Test Section Questions Within Allowed Time.
  • Score Your Results Online Inside ePrep’s Software.

Monitors and Shows Your Score Improvement As You Practice

SSAT Score Calculator Inside ePrep Software

Scoring System Shows Test Results Scoring

School Admissions Can Place More Emphasis On Percentile Ranking

When you grade your practice test answers the software calculates an estimated score including raw score, total score, and percentile ranking.

  • Test Prep course monitors your progress throughout your training sessions providing a feedback score as you gain understanding of missed questions..
  • A practice plan of action using the ePrep Learning Cycle repeats the action sequence putting you on track to improve your SSAT scoring results.
  • Schedule your practice sessions with the built in calendar that can send you email reminders and track your progress toward completing the course…built in accountability that assists your success!

Why Should You Trust ePrep for Your SSAT Test Prep?

“Geoffrey really likes your software, vocabulary training very good. Yesterday he finished level A words.” – Helen, Illinois

“Hi Jim, Abbie has been working with the program and it is quite comprehensive.” – Julie, Maryland

“Hi Jim, My twins took the e-prep course which we purchased through your website. The course was very beneficial. Thank you!”- Doris, Georgia

You Get the Value of a Private Tutor Without the Cost!

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  ePrep SSAT Practice Test Courses

 Upper Level

 Middle Level

   Recommended Grade Levels     8th – 10th      5th – 7th
   Suggested Time to Complete    3 – 6 Weeks    3 – 6 Weeks
   Full-Length SSAT Practice Tests PDF     3 / 450 ?’s     3 / 450 ?’s
   Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder    1,400 Words   1,400 Words
   Online Software Access (One Year)
      365 days       365 days
   Online Video Tutored Answers          450          450
   ePrep Price Retail Price         $249         $249
   GUARANTEED Online Lowest Price*      $161.85      $161.80

When you enroll for the SSAT Practice Course you will be directed to a page with activation instructions.

SSAT Review Software Includes 450 Instructional Videos

Test Prep Expert Helps You Prepare for Test Day

Based on more than two decades of work as a teacher and private tutor, Karl Schellscheidt knows how to help students eliminate errors that are likely to occur on test day. He understands the where, when, and why of test taking so many of the common errors that can occur are eliminated.

Karl is a graduate of Princeton  University with a BSE in Civil Engineering and holds a Master’s Degree in secondary education from Seton Hall University.

Following graduate school Karl served an an Environmental Science Instructor for the Office of Continuing Education at Rutgers University.

In 2000 Karl earned a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He worked as a corporate lawyer until 2002 and a member in good standing of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Karl is the President, the CEO, and co-founder of ePrep, Inc.

graduation cap with gold tassleStrategy Alert: Analogy Section Can Be Difficult, Many Students have Major Difficulty that lowers their scores.

Free SSAT Analogies Practice Sample Video

How Should I Prepare?

Download | Print Practice Tests | Answer Sheets

Since the standardized tests like the SSAT are not administered online, then it makes sense for your test prep course to suggest taking the practice tests offline.

  • Take the test under timed conditions using “paper and pencil” duplicating the actual testing process.
  • By simulating the real test environment, the student is better prepared to maximize SSAT scores

Software Allows You To Schedule Your SSAT Preparation – Develops Good Study Habits

  • Fast Access practice questions anywhere, any time where you have online computer access,  receive email reminders according to how you set up your practice, completely customized by you.
  • Increases Practice Retention When You “Practice By Doing” (Learning Pyramid Study, National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine)
  • Build in calendar allows you to update your finished practice and stay on target for test day.

Grade and Score Your Practice Exam Answers Online

Focus On Your Missed Questions First

Every practice test you take “lives” online in an your private exam room where you can enter your answers, grade your practice test,and immediately begin your video instructional review.

  • Here is how your expert instruction with online video practice works.
  • Enter your sample test answers, hit submit, and immediately receive your score results!
  • The software highlights all correct, incorrect, and skipped answers and displays a projected score.
  • Video review of wrong answers gives you a “systematic approach” on increasing your test scores as you learn concepts you missed on the practice tests.
  • Instantly click on further subject areas where you need additional “drill down” help.

Improve Your SSAT Exam Preparation for Higher Scores

Your expert video tutor reviews each of the 450 test questions with an explanation of the correct answer.

We suggest you start your online practicing with the questions you missed.

Go through the all three tests first reviewing the missed questions then go back if you have time to review other videos.

  • Video expert review of the questions engages both your eyes and ears while demonstrating how to answer the practice questions.
  • This video review test prep improves your retention and understanding helping you score higher.
  • Most online courses and books force you to “read” the answer which is far less effective than the “practice by doing” demonstration method.

You can pause, rewind, and watch each video explanation over and over.

Practice the test questions you miss and then go back to review the questions you answered correctly for further instruction on test taking “secrets”.

 SSAT Practice Software Assesses Your Readiness

A Proven Method for Your Success

When you make mistakes practicing, you learn the reasoning to answer the question correctly with the video tutor.

This forces your brain to concentrate, retain, and apply what you learn on test day!

While practicing for the SSAT in the exam room (software on your computer), once you learn the concepts to missed test questions, you change the answers from wrong to right.

Instantly you will see an estimate of your increase score when you understand the tutor’s instruction for the correct answer.

As you show incremental improvements you receive instant progress results for your efforts.

SSAT Test Subjects – Ready Yourself With ePrep Training Method


Questions your vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and ability to logically relate ideas.


Requires the student to solve problems in the areas of arithmetic, geometry, elementary algebra, and general number concepts.


Measures comprehension testing the student’s ability to understand a written passage.

A brief essay is also required but is not graded. The essay is sent with the results of the verbal, math, and reading scores to your selected schools.

Should You Practice with ePrep For Higher SSAT Scores?

Yes Because You will Build Your Understanding of the SSAT Test Format

Video review with test taking tips helps build your test taking skills for test day resulting in higher SSAT scores.

Through the “Practice, Grade, Review, Repeat” learning cycle you can identify possible learning deficiencies  and improve your skills in these areas.

In order to save time you can focus on what you do not know, not what you already know based upon answers to the SSAT practice tests.

You will take a practice test offline, grade online, video review the SSAT sample questions you missed, and repeat. ePrep’s “learning cycle” is a proven method for improving test scores.

There are 450 videos that further your understanding of the subject areas your practice score reveals further practice would be of value to you.

Throughout the process your familiarity and confidence with the SSAT test material grows. You will now have these advantages;

          • More relaxed, your concentration under timed condition improves
          • Elimination of test frustration
          • Improved concentration under timed conditions
          • Become more efficient in answering test questions

ePrep Online SSAT Practice Test Courses

 Affordable – Guaranteed Lowest Price Online 35% Discount


  ePrep SSAT Practice Test Courses

  Upper Level

  Middle Level

   Recommended Grade Levels     8th – 10th      5th – 7th
   Suggested Time to Complete    3 – 6 Weeks    3 – 6 Weeks
   Full-Length SSAT Practice Tests PDF     3 / 450 ?’s     3 / 450 ?’s
   Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder    1,400 Words   1,400 Words
   Online Software Access (One Year)
      365 days       365 days
   Online Video Tutored Answers          450          450
   ePrep Price Retail Price         $249         $249
   GUARANTEED Online Lowest Price*      $161.85      $161.80

When you enroll for the SSAT Practice Course you will be directed to a page with activation instructions.

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