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Free 40% OFF COUPON – Click the image and you qualify your self for the 40% off Coupon Any Time you visit the ePrep site and view course prices! Click image to left. ePrep SAT Diagnostic Test, starts in 10 seconds.You Can Save Results For Later. ePrep site does not provide discount for SSAT Test, click Practice for SSAT for a discount on our site.

Career Tests For High School StudentsBlue Text My Next Move

We currently  recommend My Majors because it is free and quite resourceful, search 7,226 colleges by major. My Next Move is an occupational resource sponsored by U.S. Department of Labor. Banner for My Majors Website for Career Quiz

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My Majors:

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  • Click I have access code CollegeStrategy.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not want to receive advertising from Colleges set up a free email address like

47 Ways To Pay For College

e-Book Ways To Pay For College

e-Book identifies 47 strategies that you can consider as you approach college, strategies that you can implement, and when you combine several you can save thousands of dollars a year. Click on the image to the right.

Recpature Wealth Transfers

“Wealth Transfers” – Find Money For College

A wealth transfer is a dollar that your transfer away, unknowingly and unnecessarily. You can download a chapter form the book “Stop Sitting on Your Assets” that explains how wealth transfers work against you. Click image to left. This information is usually quite surprising to people, and it is a foundation for the need of a “One Envelope Solution™ when making financial choices.


These Ideas Are Timeless Even In Our Current Economy

Three Chapters from the book for review.

Chapter 3  “Location, Location, Location” – There is a difference between a house and a home. Chapter 5 “Liquidity” – If you have money in a 401(k) or an IRA, you probably view it differently from your other investments. Chapter 7 – “Hidden Costs” – There are two primary ways owning a house will influence your net worth over your life time. You might be surpised to know that you cannot contro either! We discuss these concepts, and much more. Click image to left

 Want to watch the video and get your free liability analysis,  send email bottom of page and put “Borrow Smart” in the subject line, we’ll send you the link to the page.


Guide On Focusing On Graduating In Four Years

Choosing College Strategy

College Selection can be difficult, and choosing the wrong college can be costly. We review the issue of paying for college with after tax dollars, setting up your list of schools for your possible application schools – safety, target, and reach schools. We also review how to look at a college website. But for Coach-for-College clients, this information is also filtered out for the schools you want to check out. We added additional services to our coaching program and we are currently updating the e-Book.

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