EFC Tune-Up Course Beginning Instructions

Welcome, I am happy to have you join our “EFC Tune-UP Course”.

I will do the very best I can for you and your family.

Once we establish your estimated EFC number, I will review possible strategies to lower your number.

We also can fo financial aid modeling for schools that you are considering that shows projected financial aid awards based upon your EFC number.

Let’s get started. Please watch the two brief videos below; the first takes you through the software and the second shows you how to save your work if you need to come back to complete the input screens before you upload the information.

Here is the link to the EFC financial aid software.

The password is my email address, [email protected], please copy before you click on the link above.

Below are two short videos,

I’ll reach out to you by email to obtain your phone number so I can further discuss the process.

In the meantime feel free to contact, here is my email address. My phone number is 817-600-0576.

Email:  [email protected]