College Selection – A Decision Matrix

Do You have Access to Strategy to Eliminate Mistakes?

4 Year Graduation Rates are Terrible…Costly Mistake

Some other mistakes going to college;

  • Poor College Selection Strategy,
  • No Career Assessment Test with College Major Planning
  • Changing College Major.
  • Transferring schools
  • No Guidance to Graduate in 4 Years.

Parents’ Get Trapped in the “College Vortex” of Information

  • Information Overload Causes ” Results Spinning” Out-of-Control
  • Confusion Leads to Inaction| Lack of College Planning
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The Average 4 Year College Graduation Rate is 24%. Our Mission is to Eliminate this Problem with the Families that Participate in “The Guaranteed Graduation” Coaching Program. Contact Us for Further Information.

College Selection Starts With A Career Assessment Test

“Career Testing” Helps You Choose College Major

  • Identify your interests, Search Occupations, Match Majors With Colleges
  • Save time with school search engine – 1,600 College Majors
  • 40,000 Career information pages includes; description, activities, education requirements, salary information, required skills, work styles, work values, much more.
  • Search by college majors you identify, geographic area, school size, cost, admission requirements, financial aid data – search made easy.

How to Pick the Right College in Two Steps?

Step 1, a simple, very affordable online career assessment test can simplify the college choice process from the start.

Confusion turns into clarity with a systematic approach that allows the student to engage and synthesize information in choosing the right school.

Career tests for high school students planning process with the student’s input provides solutions to these problems.

  • No Career Test, No Career Goals
  • No College Major or Undeclared
  • Undecided and Uncommitted
  • Choosing the wrong school and switching schools

Why Did We Choose This Career Quiz Approach?

Big Difference: This career assessment test program asks the students about their classes, their grades, which classes they liked / disliked, extra curricular activities, interests; then weighs these variables into possible career choices.

Then occupations you would enjoy, college majors that apply to those occupations, and colleges that meet those college majors with detailed college demographics.

graduation cap with gold tassle[Strategy Alert]: “Geographic Diversity” – You might choose a school out of state from where you live. You can review where the students come from and your state might add to the diversity of the freshman class. You will be rewarded a cash award for this that does not have to be paid back, probably $1,000 – $2,000 per year (each school is different).

graduation cap with gold tassle[Strategy Alert]:Synergistic Strategy Compounding” – Let’s say it is $1,500, $6,000 over four years for one strategy should this one be appropriate. Now add up several college selection strategies and you not only reduce your out-of-pocket costs but also reduce possible debt that you would have to pay back.

“Choosing a College” – Amazing Results Revealed With Career Exploration

“Thank you so much for sending me the career test! I have completed the first two parts but it has already helped me a lot. I am going to try and take some more of the other modules this weekend when I have more time! But I just wanted to let you know I like how it shows what jobs I would be good at and also the salaries as well that’s interesting.” – Kylee, Grapevine Texas.

Learn more about Career Tests For High School Students and why this should be on the top of your list.

College Admissions, Financial Aid, Paying for College, Test Prep – A Decision Matrix

Get Professional Help

When going to college there are basically two ways to pay for college, your money with possible debt, or other peoples’ money. The primary objective is to use as little of your money and debt as possible.

There is a third way to pay for college, Professional Help from a Trained College Planner that works to maximize the money you receive from the school/s.

College Coaching can save you time, money, and reduce confusion / stress when going to college.

When you have the right information with proper guidance college selection can be more accurate based on the student’s goals/interests and the family’s affordability criteria.

Proven strategies when properly executed benefit you and your family in many ways; here are three.

  • Choosing the right college fit for the student,
  • Making college costs more affordable and reducing possible debt,
  • Saving time and eliminate stress.

As an example, one college strategy that uses the career/college exploration process is positioning the student in high school to maximize their financial opportunities receiving “free money” from colleges. The personal portfolio you create becomes your “brag sheet” that you present to colleges.

In fact, our coaching program takes this a step further with “option” for creating a student website and life long learning experience for those students who are interested in building an online portfolio.

Here are some tips in this area.

  • Build a resume of solid achievement
  • Concentrate on maintaining good grades
  • College Test Prep Practice for standardized tests with our partner ePrep
  • Select an area where you have a passion and donate time for community involvement
  • Your personal portfolio can be used to show schools your “demonstrated interest” in their school, admissions personnel love this!

College Strategy “Knowledge….Process….Execution”

Predictable Outcomes For College Bound Families

Eliminate Decision Confusion

College is not only a decision making matrix but also a financial burden that can cut into retirement savings. College bound families can easily become overwhelmed and confused.

Coach-for-College provides an affordable systematic platform so families can do what they do best, live their daily lives as a family.

Here are a few of the areas

  • Provide a proven online Career Test Assessment Tool
  • Expected Family Contribution “Dry Runs” and Corrective Strategies
  • Action step emails with “to-do” lists and follow up
  • Video’s explaining individualized college planning strategies with written review / action steps
  • Over 150 Financial Strategies including managing liabilities into assets
  • Borrow Smart Repay Smart proprietary software analysis, cornerstone liability management program.

Examples Student Preparation Services;

  • Academic, Application, and Admission guidance with online video processes
  • On going tracking of agreed upon objectives with updates
  • College Visitation Navigator
  • College Decision Navigator

Parents and students are each involved with various planning components and Module 3 brings them together for family communication and agreed upon execution strategies moving forward through the College Bound process.

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