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Authored by College Test Prep Master Teacher Karl Schellscheidt with decades of tutoring experience.  He graduated from Princeton University with BSE in Civil Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Seton Hall, and a Law Degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. He is Co-Founder of ePrep and Chief Executive Officer.

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When Should You Take The PSAT?

The 2011 test dates experienced 56% of all test takes were sophomore or younger students.

Students should be encouraged to take the test as freshman or sophomore.

Younger test-takers have more time to develop their skills so they can be more successful in high school and college.

When you take the test earlier student weaknesses can be identified and addressed before the SAT and/or ACT.

All students who wish to qualify for National Merit Scholarship Programs are required to take the test as juniors. Your ePrep PSAT test course can be renewed at a very low cost once you purchase the course.

PSAT Practice Teaches You How To Take The Test

Preparation With ePrep Can Help Eliminate Test Nervousness

Maximize your opportunity to be a National Merit Qualifier with ePrep Test Practice video platform. Take advantage of ePreps’ four step Leaning Cycle;

  • Practice
  • Grade
  • Review
  • Repeat

Simulate Real PSAT Test Conditions

2 Full-Downloadable Printable Practice Tests Download the practice tests so you can test yourself under real-life PSAT test conditions. Then go through the learning cycle, especially reviewing the video instruction from your private tutor Karl Schellscheidt on questions – answers that might not be clear.

2017 PSAT Test Dates

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2017: Primary Test Date
  • Wednesday, November 1, 2017: Alternate Test Date

PSAT Aligns With National Merit Scholarship Program

PSAT scores which measures your mathematical and verbal reasoning abilities that apply to successful academic performance in college. PSAT practice with ePrep further develops your test taking skills.

The “P” stands for “preliminary” meaning the test gives a student an idea of how they will score on the SAT. In addition the PSAT is aligned with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

When you take the PSAT you are simultaneously competing for National Merit Scholarships sponsored and supported by NMSC. For this reason, the PSAT really means  “Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test”.

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