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College Financial Planning With Both Sides of the Balance Sheet

A Unique Approach In A Changing Financial Landscape

Strategies for College and Beyond

If you want to find money, choose the best school, and graduate in four years, you are in the right place.

If the digital environment we live in has you confused about how best to approach going and paying for college, you are in the right place.

Revealing Information and Timing as You Plan for College

Preparing For College Is Complex

The Path Is Full Of Choices and Possible Mistakes.

I refer to this quandary as the opportunity costs of going to college…decisions you make have consequences which can result in major wealth transfers.

Please consider the value of these three words.

  • Knowledge
  • Process
  • Execution

If you know what to do, when to do it, it’s easier than you think to accomplish goals when you are provided the correct information.

How do we work together so you have the right action steps?

Our Coach for College program interacts with the student, parent, and us to discover;

  • Students Choose Right College™
  • Parents Achieve Financial Clarity™
  • Families Experience College Success™

See how parents can start, Step 1 & 2 of Parent’s Achieve Financial Clarity™.

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Educator Provides Financial Clarity

Financial Education Leads To Financial Freedom

Our best clients are those who want to help themselves.

Paying for College is the biggest potential expense you will have in the time span in which it occurs.

Unfortunately, most people just consider the actual cost of college. The College Bound Experience is much more than that.

The fact is that by formulating a “one envelope” solution where you manage your liabilities and assets with potential college costs, the challenge to pay for college can actually benefit you.

Such an approach can provide you financial clarity with a purpose of reducing the college expense while fortifying your retirement success rather than robbing your potential retirement assets.

Here is an example. John and Mary say they cannot afford to send their child to college. If the child want to go, they will have to borrow all the money they can, go in debt, and emerge from the college experience already in a “financial hole”.

In almost every case John and Mary can afford to help, they just require a proper organization of their financial “moves” which many times are in “conflict motion”.

They max out on their retirement accounts yet are straddled with non-deductible debt interest while they are making extra payments on their mortgage to pay it off faster.

Are these the right financial moves?

This is our “A” Client and their problem is a matter of financial education that leads to a pleasant outcome.

“Our objective  is bring ‘new world’ financial concepts / best practices to consumers at a low price  point.”

 College Financial Planner Can Help

A little about Jim Kuhner…


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  • Co-Author “Stop Sitting on Your Assets”
  • Author – e-Book “College Choice 4”
  • e-Book “47 Ways To Pay For College
  • Co-Author “Borrow Smart Retire Rich”
  • Graduate Mentor Program “Circle of Wealth”
  • Certified Liability Advisor – Borrow Smart University
  • IRA Distribution Training by Ed Slott
  • Passed National Institute of Certified College Planners Certification Exams  2006

Here is a simple fact. Getting professional help with your college expenses is the largest “guaranteed” return on investment you will ever find.

Our qualifications are unique, we design solutions on the both sides of the family’s balance sheet in addition to college planning best practices.

All you have to do is have a conversation with us to see if what we do is what you are looking for.

Send us an email and let’s start the conversation.

“What You Know About Money May Not Be As Important as What You Do Not Know About Money!”

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