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  • Measures Personality Attributes  with Academic Achievement and Interests
  • Massive Career Drop Down Search Engine (40,000+ occupational pages with descriptions)
  • Less than 15 minutes receive free Career Advisement Report
  • Identifies your top 10 majors to consider starting with best fit
  • College Search Engine By Major with College Profiles

graduation cap with gold tassleStrategy Alert: Proper personality evaluation and the major selection can be part of demonstrating interest strategy in the college visitation / admission process.

What makes this Career Test  Different?

You may receive a good grade in a class but dislike the subject, the results account for this.

This career test also  measures your academic preferences as well as your attributes/talents/interest.

“My Career Quiz” Software Benefits You

 Your Accurate  Guide For Career Exploration

Career Quiz software is a career planning that can help your select the right college, technical school, or other training program.

In working with the specialized software program, you will quickly be able to identify  your personal interests, attributes and career aspirations. Your strengths are matched to potential career fields that you will enjoy and have a higher degree of success than careers where you have little interest.

You will have the opportunity to explore these areas about possible occupations;

  • Matched Occupations
  • Occupational Duties
  • Future Outlook , Earnings, Work Values
  • Applicable Majors
  • Degree Requirements

College Coaching Strategy Tip: Are you already in college? Not sure you are headed in the right direction? It’s never too late to start the career planning process.

       Hey Jim,

Thanks again for the test.  It confirmed for me that I’m on the right path in getting my bachelors in business administration.  I’m going  to do some more exploring later to narrow down my career selections.  I think the test was helpful and I’m glad I took it.

Thank you


Save Effort, Mistakes, Anxiety

 Systemize Your Approach For Your Next Step

With your input, free access to career planning software in our resource library guides you through a self assessment of your interests, values, personality, and skills. Once you complete the assessment you can explore career paths that motivate you toward reaching your goals.

For example, if you are college bound you can discover this information about schools that might match your results.

  • Majors
  • Enrollment Data
  • Scholarships And Tuition Information
  • Admission Requirements
  • Virtual Tours, College Website Links
  • Athletic and Extracurricular Activities, and much more

 Is Career Planning Really That Important?

College Retention and Graduation Rates Say  Yes

Many college bound freshman do not return to the same school starting their second year. How many can you think of, several for sure. Over 60% of college students according to “” do not graduate in four years.

The absence of career planning is directly related to these problems.

  • Switching Majors
  • College Transfers
  • Drop Out
  • Extended Years In School
  • Frustration, Added Debt, Added Expense

Students Who Receive Career Planning

Benefits Occur In College And After Graduation

America’s Career Research Network Association and the U.S. Department of Education indicate that students who plan prior to high school graduation enjoy these advantages.

In College –

  • Fewer Transfers Save On Money
  • Less Major Switching
  • More Focused And Motivated
  • Higher Academic Achievement
  • Graduate On Time

After Graduation –

  • Better Entry Job, Higher Income
  • More Satisfied, More Productive
  • Less Career Change, Faster Achievement

Ideal  College  Selection Process

 “Right College For Me”

  • Students Are Matched To Occupation/s Based On Interests / Passion
  • Occupations Are Then Matched To College Majors
  • College Majors Are Sort By College Offerings
  • Students Identify Colleges Based Upon Selected Demographic Criteria

Our recommended platform allows you to follow this process.

My Majors Career Assessment Test Instructions

Career Assessment Sample

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  •  When you go to the site you will be at the career test registration page.
  • Register, see the opt-in instructions provided below.
  • Once you submit, take the test.
  • After you receive 5 Recommended Majors, Click “Generate Advisement Report”.
  • Click I have access code which is “collegestrategy”.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not want to receive advertising from Colleges set up a free email address like, etc. The opt-in form is at the bottom of the registration page.


Important: Your access code  is “collegestrategy”.

Get Your Free Career Test for High School Students, start the journey of choosing your College Major.

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