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  • Easy, Fast, No Travel, No Classes, No Waiting – Test Prep Fun!
  • Software Scoring System Shows Score | Practice Improvement
  • Saves Time By Focusing On Questions You Miss
  • Video Private Tutor “Teaches” Answers To All Questions
  • Want Higher Scores? 650% Higher Retention (Learning Pyramid)

“My opinion of ePrep is that it is very user friendly and carefully thought through with the student taking a physical test and then following-up with learning through the online site.”- Marcia, California

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SSAT Practice Test

PSAT Practice Test

SAT Practice Test

ACT Practice Test

SAT Math Subject Tests 1 – 2 

ePrep Review Process “Practice Doing” Increases Student Retention Rates

Improves Test Taking Skills

Triangle Image Average Retention Percentage for Learning Methods

“Practice Doing” the ePrep Method is More Effective Than All Other Methods Except Teaching

ePrep Test Prep Uses “Hearing and Seeing”

 Significant Retention Gain After 72 Hours

Graph Showing Hearing Seeing Retention Levels

Test Prep Practice the Smart Way, Use Video Review Hearing and Seeing, Increases Retention so You can Learn Faster and Score Higher !

What About Results While You Practice?

Software Recalculates Score Improvement

When you take Practice Tests, you Grade your answers and review video instruction for questions you miss on how to answer the questions correctly.

In concept areas where you are not sure of your understanding, the software recommends additional videos to review from the Study Hall, a library of conceptual videos.

As you practice and learn you will gain a command of the subject areas.

Once you do, you can tell the software you now understand the tested area and your estimated score will be recalculated for you.

This way you can see your improvement as you practice.

Test Practice That Is Hassle Fre

You Set Your Own Practice Schedule Inside ePrep

You can try ePrep for Free with SAT Diagnostic online video test practice platform you you will discover discover;

    • Convenience, a prep course that features video expert tutoring instruction, available to you whenever and wherever – day or night, at home or on the road.
    • The review training experience is like having your own private tutor right in front of you, guiding your progress every step of the way.
    • Most efficient retention learning / practice method as the “Learning Pyramid” shows above.

Immediate Access Sample Tests (see how ePrep works)

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How Should I Use The Practice Tests?

Simulate Test Day Conditions for SAT | ACT | SSAT | PSAT

Since the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and PSAT Tests are not administered online, then it makes sense for your test prep course to suggest taking the practice tests offline.

Start your practice test training by downloading and printing a sample test.

  • Take the test under timed conditions using “paper and pencil” duplicating the actual testing process.
  • By simulating the real test environment, you’ll be better prepared to maximize your PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores.
  • Grade and Score Your  Practice Tests Online
  • Review Video Answers with test tips

Assess Results Focus On Your Weaker Areas First

See How ePrep Can Help You Score Higher

Every practice test you take “lives” online in your private exam room where you can enter your answers, grade your practice test,and immediately begin your video instructional review.

  • Here is how your expert instruction with online video practice works.
  • Enter your sample test answers, hit submit, and immediately receive your score!
  • The software highlights all correct, incorrect, and skipped answers and displays a projected score.
  • Video review of wrong answers gives you a “systematic approach” on increasing your test scores as you learn concepts you missed on the practice tests.
  • Instantly click on further subject areas where you need additional “drill down” help.
  • This practice process works for all test prep classes, ACT, SAT.PSAT,  SSAT, PLAN, SAT Math Level 1, SAT Math Level 2.

Test Offline | Grade and Practice Online

24 X 7 Access, Improve Your Test Taking Skills

Your expert video tutor reviews your answers online teaching you how to answer missed questions.

  • Video expert review of the questions engages both your eyes and ears while demonstrating how to solve the problems.
  • This video review test prep improves your retention and understanding helping you score higher.
  • Most online courses and books force you to “read” the answer which is far less effective than the “practice by doing” demonstration method.

You can pause, rewind, and watch each video explanation over and over.

Practice the test questions you miss and then go back to review the questions you answered correctly for further instruction on test taking “secrets”.

And your results will project your SAT  Score!

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SSAT Practice Test

PSAT Practice Test

SAT Practice Test

ACT Practice Test

SAT Math Subject Tests 1 – 2 

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