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Many Students Find SSAT Analogies Difficult

The analogies section of the SSAT Test are where many students fail to perform as well as they could if they practice and understand the potential strategies and tips behind answering these questions correctly.

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Most students would  improve their SSAT Scoring results by improving in this area.

Analogy problems measure two primary academic skills;

1. Vocabulary – word meaning / association

2. Reasoning Ability

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Wordsmith includes three levels of vocabulary building.

  • “Level A” are for words prior to high school,focus on these first.
  • “Level 1″ are for words during high school.
  • “Level 2” are words for college.

Strategy for  Building Your Reasoning Ability for the Analogy Section

The starting point for each question is to understand the “bridge” or “relationship” between the the two “stem” or “root” words.

  • Try to make a sentence that makes sense is your first step.
  • If that fails start thinking like a dictionary as to the meaning of the two words and the relationship that exists between them.
  • Once you determine the relationship go through the choices by eliminating the ones that do not share the same relationship, if you have more than once choice continue to refine the relationship between the remaining choices.

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