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Financial Aid Eligibility –  Calculator Information Provides EFC Number

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The FAFSA CSS PROFILE EFC Calculator is simple to use with explanations to each question for more accurate inputs on your part. The results can be integrated into our financial aid software which is part of our EFC Tune-UP™ Consulting Program.

College Financial Aid Calculator Overview

There are 9 basic screens;


Each screen has small circular icons with question marks that when clicked explain what financial information should be entered. Some screens like taxable income also have “detail” boxes where when you click; another screen appears. As an example for income you can put your W-2 information from the form’s boxes.

Once you complete the sub-screen information for a “details” box that you check, at the bottom left, you can click “back”, you will go back to the major screen (one of nine) where you clicked on the “details” box.

Or at the bottom right “next” moves you to the next primary screen (the nine screens).

Once you are finished at the EFC Estimate screen (the last primary screen), go to the upper left, there you can click “Submit Data”.
Your information will be uploaded to our software. The information is encrypted so your privacy is safe.

Remember, do not include your Social Security numbers when you upload as that information is not necessary.

We will send you a complimentary FAFSA EFC calculation summary for your review, see sample.

When Should You Estimate Your FAFSA EFC  Number?

We recommend you go through the calculation in your sophomore year.

This provides time to initiate and execute any strategies without being in a big hurry.

Regardless if you missed the timing it is important to do it as soon as possible. Also remember that you will be filing each year during college, ideally before February 1st each year.

See mistake # 3 big financial aid mistakes.

EFC Calculator Software Provides College Evaluation Reports

College Affordability Comparison Sample

For our clients, after you upload your financial data through the online calculator, we examine possible strategies to lower your EFC. We then provide a “before/after” analysis report.

The financial aid calculator also provides a school comparison for financial aid awards based upon your computed EFC number. This report serves several purposes in our college coaching program.

  • Inputs your EFC number projects financial aid awards by selected colleges
  • Compare college affordability side-by-side, see which colleges provide more  grant money
  • Percentage  of Freshman who returns, graduation rates 4-5-6 years
  • Average student debt, required financial  aid form
  • Data used to evaluate student competitiveness with average freshman profile

Start the Process Now, Receive Your Free EFC Report

You can complete the EFC calculator in less than 15 minutes. It is helpful to have your year end (2016)  W-2 Statement, 2016 tax return, and asset information.

For assets, these are reported as of the date you actually file the financial aid form so these should be estimated based upon your historical average. Equity in a home should be based on current estimates.

If you are not going to complete the calculator in one setting, then you must set up a password.

Watch both videos below, the first explains the various input screens.

The second video shows you how to log back in using the password you set up.

Please watch the short videos below before you access the calculator so you are clear on how it works.


Please do not use Internet Explorer. Instead, use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Download Google Chrome here, or download Firefox here.

You need this Password:  [email protected] .

Here’s the link to software: College Financial Aid Calculator

Watch this video if you are going to save your work and come back.

Here’s the link to software: College Financial Aid Calculator

What Happens Once You Calculate Your Expected Family Contribution?

Your EFC number less the school’s total cost of attendance yields your financial need.

Most colleges do not meet 100% of financial need. Here is a list of colleges that meet 100% financial need and an explanation of how financial need met works.