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 SAT Math Combo   Level 1 & 2
 Suggested Time to Complete    At Your Pace
 Full-Length Math Practice Tests           6
 Wordsmith Vocabulary     1,400 Words
 Online Subscription Access      365 days
 Expert VideoTutored Answers         300
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How Much Math Can You Learn in 1 Year?

Math Test Prep from ePrep consists of two (2) Levels mirroring the SAT Subject Math Tests Level 1 and Level 2.

The Math Combo can also help you prepare for ACT Test also.,

Math skills are worth your time and effort when it comes to the top College Majors with income potential upon graduation.

Starting with petroleum engineering as # 1 and statistics as # 10, they are all math related (

So advanced skills in mathematics can be of great financial value to you upon graduation assuming you pursue math in College as a major or even a minor.

Math Concepts Reviewed  by ePrep’s Math Preparation Courses

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry and Measurement ( plane geometry, three-dimensional geometry, and trigonometry)
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
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Fun, Saves Time, Effective

Level 1 | 2 Online Math Practice Included in Math Combo Practice

Level 1 is for students who have had exposure to Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II with Trigonometry.

Level 2 is for those students who have Pre-Calculus  experience and for those farther along who want to review their math skills.

These are general guidelines and each student’s math capability varies by grades, instruction method, and whether you are self motivated in the learning process.

Math Level 1 and Math Level 2 each include three (3) tests that are 50 multiple choice questions that should be completed within 60 minutes.

ePrep Uses Study Methodology That Increases Retention

ePrep Learning Cycle For Math Skill Development

Develop Your Math Skills With “Learning Cycle” From ePrep

Studies show that seeing and hearing increases retention dramatically compared to seeing or hearing only.

Printable PDF Simulate Test Day Conditions

You take your practice test offline, then grade online, and then you can use ePrep’s video tutor to review your answers.

Start with your missed questions, then go back to review the ones you answered correctly looking for additional instruction from the video tutor that may be of further help to you.

Where Should I Start?

We suggest you start at the beginning. Regardless of you math skill level, reviewing can be postive. In fact, we suggest you review all 300 videos to further your development of the various math concepts presented.

If you find Level 1 too easy then you can move to Level 2.

Wordsmith Vocabulary Included With Math Combo.

Since vocabulary should be learned over a period of time, not crammed into your brain we’ve included Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder with your Math Combo Practice Software.

Wordsmith is included with all ePrep Test Prep Courses that include a special 40% discount code.

So you not only can develop your math skills but also further your vocabulary knowledge which can be of tremendous value for the SAT and ACT Tests.

Many Students Today Are Not Proficient In Math, Become Better At Math, College Is Coming

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