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SSAT Test Prep Software

Authored by College Test Prep Master Teacher Princeton University graduate Karl Schellscheidt (Masters Secondary Education Seton Hall, Law Degree University of Pennsylvania School of Law).

ePrep SAT Software Standard Premium Standard+ Premium+
Full Practice Tests         4        6        4        8
Video Tutored Answers       616       924      616       924
Video Library Lessons       112       112      112       112
WordSmith Vocabulary       Yes       Yes      Yes       Yes
 Suggested Time    4-16 wks.  6-24 wks.   Your Pace   Your Pace
Access (Months)        4         6       12        12
Retail Price     $249      $299      $399      $599

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Scoring System Shows Test Results Scoring

This is a sample software scoring system from SSAT course.

Unique Scoring System Grades Practice Tests And Shows Improvement As You Practice


College Expert Comments On ePrep

Visual Learning Helps Students Problem Solve

Here is what Lynn O’Shaughnessy said writing about her son’s preparation for the SAT for “CBS MoneyWatch.com”.

“Ben also began using the online video-based test prep service ePrep after one of its founders gave me a password. I haven’t run across any other service that uses ePrep’s approach, which costs between $99 and $599. Ben now practices taking the SAT on printouts that look like the real test, but his answers are graded online. What’s cool is that Ben can click on a link for each of his mistakes and receive a mini video lecture from a popular SAT tutor explaining the correct answer. Ben learns better visually, so it’s been quite helpful.”

Build Your Vocabulary for College and Beyond

  • SAT Vocabulary Words Practice “Wordsmith” Over 1,400 Words
  • Included With All ePrep SAT Practice Test Courses
  • Sort Words, Practice What You Don’t Know, Electronic Flash Cards
  • Play Video Game While Building Your Vocabulary

“Practice By Doing” increases retention 75%
(Learning Pyramid Study)

SAT® Practice Questions ePrep Video Sample Questions Answers

“Hearing and Seeing Your SAT Strategies”

Start Your SAT Practice “Learning Cycle”  Today

ePrep for SAT Practice stimulates the SAT Test Practice experience through the utilization of a private video expert instructor.
Available online 24×7, ePrep engages the student with a proven learning cycle;

• Practice Test offline with printable SAT practice test pdf
• Grade online
• Review video instruction
• Repeat cycle

SAT Practice Study Guide Process

Test – Simulates Test Taking Conditions

• Take printable SAT Test Practice offline answering SAT questions using the same pencil and paper environment you will experience on test day under timed conditions.

Grade – Focus On Weaker Subject Areas

• Log-in to your Home Room, grade the SAT Practice Questions, then launch into your Video Tutor reviewing subjects where you need help.

Review – Practice At Your Own Speed

• Test prep course adapts to the individual student’s learning pace – strengths – weaknesses monitoring and guiding your remedial efforts to increase your SAT Test Scores.

Repeat Process

  • Remember, if you have time review the videos on the questions you answered you answered correctly.

Added Benefit from ePrep SAT Courses – Hand Graded Essay With Critique

  •  Additional features; Standard and Premium Courses, hand graded essay with critique,
  • ePrep also offers Practice for the PSAT Test with National Merit Scholarship opportunities.

Unlock Expert VideoTutor For Your Practice Review

Higher Retention Than Text Learning 650%

Your free SAT Test Practice 5 day trial will demonstrate to you why studies show that ePrep’s on demand video delivery lessons makes this prep course 650% more effective than text based learning (“The Learning Pyramid”, National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine).

Save SAT Practice Time Focus On Your Weaknesses

SAT questions identify your areas of weakness when you enter ePrep’s Home Room where you can grade your offline test results.
Then you enter your Study Hall where video lessons from your private tutor allow you to focus on you subject areas of weakness.
As you practice subject knowledge, ePrep Analytics™ projects improved SAT scores providing you immediate satisfaction for your study effort

“What Everybody Ought To Know”

How To Simplify SAT Test Study for Higher Scores

Problem Solving Skills

Your SAT Test Practice course “shows and tells” you how to properly reason through questions as you train within the ePrep Learning Cycle; test – grade – review – repeat.

Reading Comprehension

Your test prep course improves your ability to highlight key concepts in a text passage. By understanding how to answer questions, you can reverse engineer your reading to watch for key elements in paragraphs that signal you their importance.

SAT Math Practice

You will learn and re-lean specific math facts and concepts.ePrep provides affordable stand alone SAT Math Practice for Level 1 and Level 2 courses for subject test prep in addition to the math instruction within each SAT prep course.

Math preparation training provides specialized video lessons, some concepts are:
• Pick a Number, Integers, Circles, Areas, Ratios;
• Convex Polygons, Multiples-Factors, Circles, Functions;
• Special Triangles, Exponents,Postivie-Negatives, Even-Odd.

SATS Reasoning Skills

As you progress through your online SAT practice course your reasoning will develop organically especially as you discover test taking skills from your video tutor.

Grammar Rules

Everything you need to know will be covered.

SAT Vocabulary Practice Can Be Fun

Perhaps the most difficult challenge might be the Wordsmith vocabulary builder. You will achieve ultimate success by implementing vocabulary practice into your daily routine which will require developing a new daily habit.

You can make building your vocabulary fun and easy by streamlining your practice approach.
• Sort words based upon your current knowledge.
• Review what you do not know with flash cards.
• Wordsmith builds customized tests based upon your practice words, eliminate words as you learn them for quicker review.
And, take the Wordsmith Challenge when learning vocabulary by turning your SAT word practice into a video game where you have 3 lives…play with your friends. Wordsmith is also included in the ACT Practice Test Course.

SAT Test Taking Focus

Your training will show you how to concentrate during SAT questions for completion and taking short breaks between questions not during questions.

SAT Test Stamina

Participation through the SAT Test Practice process provides you “mental conditioning” to know the “where – when – why” process of eliminating test errors and trains you for added stamina on test day.

Test Dates for SAT 2016 SAT® 

Test Dates* Register by
October 1. 2016 September 1, 2016
November 5, 2016 November 3, 2016
Janaurary 21, 2017 December 21, 2016

*Not all SAT Subject Tests are offered on each test date.

To confirm test dates or to register, visit College Board or call 866-756-7346. Students with special needs should call 609-771-7137.

Want Flexibility And The Lowest Price?

ePrep SAT Software Standard Premium Standard+ Premium+
Full Practice Tests 4 6 4 8
Video Tutored Answers 616 924 616 924
Video Library Lessons 112 112 112 112
WordSmith Vocabulary Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suggested Time 4-16 wks. 6-24 wks. Your Pace Your Pace
Access (Months) 4 6 12 12
Retail Price $249 $299 $399 $599

Special Promotion with 37% OFF ePrep Discount Code

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